Sunday, February 16, 2014

Marshmallow World

This is one of the snowiest Pennsylvania winters E and I remember. We've had winters with multiple large storms that probably, in the end, dropped more snow on the state. But since December, it's just been storm after storm here, not necessarily major ones, but enough to put a pause in people's schedules. Then last Thursday, we were hit with a lovely two-part storm that gave us about 20 more inches on top of the 8-10 that were already on the ground from previous events. This was followed Saturday by a 3-inch topcoat, and there's talk of a little something tomorrow night. Amazing.

E decided to fix his long-broken cross-country skis over his winter break, assuming that spring would come immediately. But luckily (from a skiing perspective at least) that has not happened and he's been able to take a few runs over the many farms near our house. It's given him a new and beautiful perspective on our area from a vantage point he wouldn't otherwise be able to see.

But back to our latest deluge:

The patio is now level with the ground thanks to the snow.
A better perspective on the depth
The filled-in vegetable garden
E and the mail delivery  area
Front sidewalk – now with walls!
Hardy young Mennonite women
Man the barricades!
E doing his Dorf impersonation.
Front walk

But there is hope, know why? As I was taking these shots, this appeared. Look closely:

My grandmother was always thrilled to see the first robin, and documented the sighting each year. She always felt that it meant spring was coming soon. Let's hope she's right.

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