Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Vegetable Garden Is Away

These photos really need updating but I'm posting them as a kind of control. We've had a lot of rain lately, so things have gotten a bit out of hand. But to start, note the tomato cages an improvement on last year's bamboo stakes:

So we have five tomato plants, three varieties; five hot peppers, three varieties; five sweet peppers, three varieties; and a tomatillo plant. Those two lines of plants in the foreground of the next picture are potatoes and onions.

Perennial Favorites

New flowers! Most are perennials in an effort to populate the ever wild front patch with something other than weeds. But I threw in a few annuals for pretty.

In addition, I scored more hostas! A nearby store was selling some out front that someone had clearly dug out of their own garden. They weren't even priced  – they just asked you put what you wanted to pay in a box. Score.

The new ones are the two-toned green plants between the others. Pretty, no?

Room Two!

As I believe I've mentioned before on this blog, we once thought we'd have the first floor of the house redecorated by Christmas. Last year.


By Christmas last year we had one room three quarters of the way finished. But as a result (and as always), lessons were learned.

So now after a sizable break, we're at it again. Actually E has been at it again, with only some help from me.

Dining room befores, with a little priming on the third picture:

A before from the day we moved in:

The dining room is just off the living room. (The now-green room is referred to here as the family room – or now, the green room, but just to clarify.) So the colors for these two rooms have to either be the same or work well together. And, ideally, bear some harmonious relationship to the green room.

The original thought was blue for the dining room and violet/gray for the living room. And it could work ... but not for us, I don't think. We found a lot of colors we like, but not so many that we like together. So after four shades of blue, three shades of violet/gray, and three shades of yellow (wildcard!), everything has changed, and could change again. We think one of the blues will work for the living room. And now we're thinking a medium gray for the dining room. The chair rail and the space below it will be the same white we used in the other room, "Subway Tile."

E at work priming:

Some blues:

So stay tuned – heaven knows what it will actually look like when we're done.