Sunday, September 11, 2011

Catching Up

Friends, it's been too long. We've had an earthquake, a hurricane, and the northeast U.S. version of a monsoon, all of which have left us essentially unscathed, thank heavens. So let's cut to the chase before it starts raining again. Behold:

The original room, for reference:

The room, she is painted (for the most part – a few touch-ups here and there needed). The baseboard molding is being reattached after diligent painting by E.  He has also swapped out the almond light switches and power outlets for white ones, and updated the dimmer switch with a truly fascinating modern version  – just need to add the face plates. And the flooring is simply in need of its transitional molding, and E has bought himself a new tool to take care of that:

Why is it in the dining room, you say? Isn't that where you keep yours?

No, E was so excited that he assembled everything while watching a soccer game in the adjacent room last night. Soccer and power tools. Like Christmas morning, but better.

And finally, you may have noticed some new seating locations in the formerly empty room. We are super excited about this – E's first properly new furniture, and my first in a long time. It was delivered mid-monsoon, but all went fairly smoothly, despite the deluge. The accompanying throw pillows are a great shape, but I think the pattern detracts from the furniture, so I'm looking for some replacements. I had thought about picking up this little number, for starters, that I saw on a short getaway for my birthday:

But when I returned to the town and tracked it down, I found that it was virtually one of a kind, made by a local artist, and sold for $250. You read that correctly. I said thanks and retreated as gracefully as possible under the circumstances from the store.

How does one snuggle up to a $250 pillow, unless one is Beyoncé or similar? I will not find out soon.

More to come.