Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sandy Sandy-y Why-y-y-y-y

Truth be told, we were extremely lucky during Superstorm Sandy. Being quite distant from a major body of water helped immensely, and being in a town, as supposed to a more isolated subdivision or rural area, afforded us a power loss of only a matter of seconds. Overall, we lost a few shingles and one non-major branch off our largest tree. Mind you, I imagined much worse as I drank a restorative while trying to concentrate on an episode of Sherlock, mostly because the wind was blowing directly at the wall we were facing and it surely sounded as though the wall was coming down or the roof, off.

Anyhow, before the storm came, I tried to take a few photos of the fall scenes around our property that were shortly going to be, forgive me, gone with the wind, for the most part.