Friday, July 12, 2013

Kitchen Cabinets

So E called C at work today. "So those cabinets...." "Take them out. Do it. Just go."

We've been wanting them down since we moved in, to open up the space between the green/family room and the kitchen. A deal was struck to take them down on or after January 2, once the holidays were over, in case, there was any scarring beneath. January 2 became July 12, but no matter.

It's glorious, no two ways about it. C's fears of underlying glue marks, major holes, or other atrocities were unfounded, the whole back of the house is airier, and that feeling of progress, no matter whether it be slow or halting at times, is in the air. Baby steps.

We intend to put some kind of lighting there to help at what has become the primary prep counter, as well as to light the bar (also known as the other side of the prep counter. Lighting decisions are pending.