Thursday, January 10, 2013

If I Have Seen Further...

It's been a while since I've afflicted the interwebs with one of my posts.  I was thinking of posting about how I fixed the sagging dryer exhaust tubing running along the inside garage wall.  I just removed about 2 feet of tubing and pulled the tubing taught.  No dips for lint to gather.  Much better.  Here's the exciting photo catching all the...umm...excitement (I also ascertain that you might be jealous of my...ascertanity):
But in more exciting news (at least for me), I finalized one of C's Christmas's presents yesterday.  The headlight lenses on her car were terribly clouded over.  It's quite impressive how foggy they've gotten over the years.  Essentially, her car has the automobile equivalent of cataracts.  Here's what they looked like yesterday before I began working on them:

Really bad.  Honestly, when driving at night, the light that is projected from those lights is anemic.  Following the advice from our favorite mechanics (and in our opinion, the best mechanics in the business), I used a lens repair kit from Meguiar's.  This one:
After following the straight-forward directions carefully (it took about an hour), here's how they turned out:

They look brand new.  These photos do not do justice.  I am completely blown away as to how well this worked.  I really don't mean to sound like I'm shilling for the man, but, holy cow, I didn't expect the lenses to come out this good.  Then again I also get really excited when someone brings in free donuts to work.

So, there you go: perspective.